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Minted pea puree


When you get into the groove of making baby puree its really easy to get into the habit of just boiling or steaming veg and then blending it. That is amazing if that’s what you are doing, but you can elevate single ingredients with the additional of herbs or spices.

If you have been breastfeeding, then your baby is most likely accustomed to a subtle variety of tastes and flavours and so why not build on that? Paprika, cardamon, turmeric, basil, coriander… the spice cupboard is your oyster.

You can be experimental but there are certain pairing that work well: pear and cinnamon, carrot and coriander, potatoes and rosemary, peaches and vanilla and of course pea and mint.

Pea puree is naturally sweet and so can help make simple bases like pureed potato more appetising or be used to soften stronger tastes like turnip or swede.

I use frozen peas to make this puree but you can use fresh too.


Ingredients (makes approx 12 cubes)

2cups frozen peas

5 fresh mint leaves


Cover the peas with boiling water in a pan and bring to the boil

Simmer for 1 minute then drain, retaining the water

Place the peas and mint into a blender with a tablespoon or two of the boiled water

Blend to a puree (adding additional water if needed)

Pour into ice-cube trays, then leave to cool before freezing



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