Stage 1

Roasted plum puree


Plums good. Roasted plums better! In fact i think most fruit is better roasted at this time of year. The shelves here in Munich seem to suddenly be full with new season fruit but non of it is quite there yet. The strawberries are ok but a bit watery. The apricots are still a little tart and the plums somehow a little sour still. Stone fruit loves being roasted. It can withstand the oven and the heat allows all of its natural sugar to become caramelised.

I recommend doing a big batch of these, simply so that you can enjoy them too. You could enjoy them topped with coconut yoghurt and a sprinkle of flaked almonds. Or you could top them in a ramekin with oats and honey and pop them under the grill for an instant crumble. They are also delicious on top of a bowl of morning porridge.

This puree is also delicious stirred through natural yoghurt or fromage frais to sweeten it naturally and saves you having to buy branded baby yoghurts. Plums are also a natural laxative because of their high fibre content and so if your little one is suffering from constipation (which can happen when iron rich baby cereals are introduced) then simply add in some of this puree to their diet.



12 plums

100ml water


Halve and pit the fruit

Place cut side down into a baking dish and cover with water

Roast until the skin begins to pucker

Remove and leave to cool. Peel off the skin, add to a blender with the cooking liquid and blend to a puree

Pour into ice-cube trays, leave to cool and then freeze


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