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Baked egg frittatas with popped quinoa

The baby is seriously deep into a berry obsession. I tried to sneak some extra fruit into the diet this week in the form of mango….big mistake, although I think the dog appreciated the new flavors being thrown at him. In an attempt to ease the mum “my baby will only eat a single food… Continue reading Baked egg frittatas with popped quinoa

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Coconut water teething ice lollies

Today I noticed how much of a trooper the mini foodie is. It always hits me when we travel. Somehow inspite of car journeys, the rigmarole that is airport security, delays, taxis with new car seats, traffic, getting home past bedtime, makeshift ‘the fridge is bare’ tea, somehow through all this she stays cool. There… Continue reading Coconut water teething ice lollies