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Baby waffles


It was Norwegian National day yesterday. Growing up in Norway I honestly looked forward to the 17th May like I looked forward to Christmas. Its such a big celebration. Everyone is dressed to the nines, the streets are bustling, children can eat as much ice-cream as they want, and there are waffles. To be fair there are often waffles in Norway. On a biting winters day there is no greater comfort than the smell of a waffle stand – often just a table with waffles, a few jars of jam and a thermos of hot blackcurrant drink.

There are so many ways to dress a waffle. I love mine topped with stewed apple, or raspberry jam. My mum loves hers with gjetost, a caramelised goats cheese. These waffles are a really simple mix and are totally baby safe. They make a great family breakfast, or because of the omission of sugar in the recipe, you can also top them with wilted spinach, sundried tomatoes, a slick of tapanade and some feta for the most delicious lunch.

May loves these with a dab of pureed apple or spread with fromage frais but they are also a super portable easy finger food option.

You can switch the plain flour for spelt but make sure to stick to the plain variety as whole grains contain too much fibre for babies under 18months and can make them both too full and also stop them from absorbing enough nutrients.


Ingredients (makes 6 waffles) 

1 cup flour

2 tbsp oat flour

1 cup whole milk (you can substitute for almond milk if baby older than 12months and is safe to eat nuts)

3tbps rapeseed oil

1tsp baking powder

Method                                                                                                                                                           Place all the dry ingredients into a bowl

Add the oil and the milk and whisk well

Leave to stand for 15minutes

Ladle onto a waffle iron and bake until cooked through




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