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Coconut water teething ice lollies


Today I noticed how much of a trooper the mini foodie is. It always hits me when we travel. Somehow inspite of car journeys, the rigmarole that is airport security, delays, taxis with new car seats, traffic, getting home past bedtime, makeshift ‘the fridge is bare’ tea, somehow through all this she stays cool. There was the odd whinge when I had to strap her back into the ergo baby or when I have to wrestle her back into the plane seat-belt or when I wouldn’t let her chew on my passport, but she just kind of hangs out and gets on with it. She crawls and jumps and bounces and laughs and eats bananas on the go and forces other passengers to play pee-poe with her.

By the time we made it home tonight she was pretty tired and although she managed some tea I could tell her teeth were hurting. She has been chewing on anything and everything for the last week and drooling like a basset hound. Yesterday I managed to get a quick peek inside and sure enough you can see some white tooth buds starting to show again.


So once we had face timed with papa she was allowed some ice lolly to help soothe her gums before bed time. I have a freezer full of these coconut water ice lollies. They are simply coconut water and a splash of pineapple juice. You could add any juice or your choice and you of course do not have to add cucumber or edible flowers – they were for the photos but if you want to make these for older kids or adults then feel free to add in sliced fruit, flowers,herbs or sliced cucumber. The best product review I could give you is that after a full day of traveling the mini one went to bed happy.

Ingredients (makes 6)

250 ml coconut water

60ml fruit juice of choice


Mix the coconut water and juice together

Pour into lolly moulds (add in sliced fruit etc if using) and place into the freezer for 15mins

Remove from the freezer and insert lolly sticks

Return to the freezer for at least 4 hours

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