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Ice cream baby

Peachicelolly1I had to take a break from cake baking…mainly because it’s been too hot to turn the oven on. We have had some serious heat in Munich, the kind that seems so welcome & beautiful when you wake up, but soon has you wondering if you can wear a bikini in public (the answer is sadly no for me). Its been a really lovely to hang out in the park, play in shady sandpits (sandpits in the shade rather than dodgy ones) and let the mini foodie have her first taste of icecream.
Rather than buying ready made icelollies I wanted to fill the freezer with home made ones. Ones that were low in sugar, high in fruit and tooth friendly. By using full fat greek yoghurt they also make a filling snack. These yoghurt and fruit lollies are great for summer day snacks, parties & also work for teething. I used apple & peach purée as I had a batch but you can really use any fruit purée that you have. If you have frozen fruit puree then simply defrost in advance and use as per the recipe.
The mini foodie has loved these whilst splashing in the paddling pool (that’s a win win on the cleaning up) & they have been a hit with her friends too
We hope you enjoy them


Ingredients (makes 4-6)
1 tub Greek yoghurt (170g)
1 tsp date syrup
4 tbsp Apple & peach purée (or any fruit purée)

Spoon the fruit purée into the ice lolly moulds so that it comes 1/3 of the way up
Mix the Greek yoghurt with the date syrup & fill the moulds to the top
Insert an ice lolly stick (or a straw cut in half)
Freeze for 4 hours
Remove 5 minutes before eating

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