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Pea, spinach and mint baby ravioli


So there has been a definite shift in the mini foodie over the last couple of weeks. Spoon fed anything is out (it has always been a struggle) and self feeding is in. She has always been happy to feed herself but now that her pincer grip is even better (mini mum boast) she is thrilled by sitting and picking up different foods and trying them all herself.

I love it. I love that we can share meals and that I can pass her food from my plate to try. I love that when we are out and about I can give her a raspberry to smoosh into her mouth herself. I love that she is adventurous right now about food and eating.

This new found independence does however mean that I have a glut of puree to use up. Pear and apple, plum and mango have found their way into bircher or porridge and have been stirred through plain yoghurt.Carrot has been added to carrot cakes and soups. And then I had a brain wave of how to use up some of the ‘green’ purees that I had left…ravioli!

These mini pasta squares are a great finger food for little ones but are also a legitimate family meal. The mini foodies were filled with spinach and minted pea puree, ours were filled with the same but I also added some ricotta and seasoning (if dairy is in your babys diet then you could also add ricotta to theirs). I served hers plain and ours with a simply tomato sauce and it was really lovely to all sit down and feast together.

These were so easy because I used ready made pasta sheets but you could also make your own pasta too. I used up pea and spinach puree but you could also do tofu and carrot, broccoli and mushroom, lentil and tomato… whatever you have a batch of and whatever needs using up. Babyravioli4Babyravioli2

Ingredients (makes 12)

1 sheet ready made rolled pasta

12 tsp defrosted pea and spinach puree (approx 8 cubes)

4 tbsp ricotta (optional)


Roll out your pasta sheet

Cut out 24 squares

Mix the vegetables with the ricotta (if using)

Place a tsp of mixture into the centre of 12 of the squares

Place the other 12 squares on top of the filled squares

Press together the edges and then using the back of the prongs of a fork, crimp them together to seal

Place into a pan of boiling water for 4 minutes (or according to the package instructions), drain and serve



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