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Baby banana ice-cream


The mini foodie has four teeth. How did this happen so quickly? One minute she was a tiny toothless wonder and the next she is content to gnaw on a chicken drumstick. She has certainly been flexing her chomping muscles this week, on me, on carrots, on the dogs ears. All in all I think we got off pretty lightly but there have been clingy, frustrated, achy, sad moments where nothing was right and the world was annoying. In those moments I would have loved nothing more than to snuggle her in a blanket and let her watch reruns of Gilmore Girls whilst eating apple crumble. But in the absence of all these wonderful things I realised that I could make ‘nice cream’ otherwise known as banana ice-cream. It is refined sugar free, has only two ingredients and is the perfect tooth-achy mouth soother. Its also delicious if you accidentally on purpose make a big bowl and the baby can manage only a spoonful and someone has to eat the rest.

Our freezer is full of bags of sliced banana. So that we are always icecream ready but also to chuck into a smoothie or an acai bowl. You can make a big batch of this ice-cream in advance and then simply freeze in a tupperware box and scoop out when needed.



1 sliced banana (frozen)

4tbsp milk

1tsp cinnamon (optional)


Slice a banana and freeze the slices overnight

Place them into a blender with the milk and cinnamon

Blend well until you have a smooth soft serve consistency

Place into a bowl and freeze for a further 10minutes before enjoying

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