Stage 1

Cumin carrot puree


At first I wasn’t sure about writing about carrot puree, and then I tried to make it.You wouldn’t think it was possible to not be able to make carrot puree, but I managed to not be able to. Firstly I tried to steam them and they just would not get soft enough to puree properly (but for stage 2 you could steam and then mash) and then I used the cooking liquid to puree them, and it turns out that carrots release a nitrate into the cooking water which is not good to consume…so that was another batch in the bin.

Time is precious when you are a mama (or papa) and so I thought I would save you some time and give you the fail safe method to carrot puree. I like to add in a little cumin into the mix but you could also add in some dried rosemary or a few sprigs of fresh dill. If you chose to cook the carrots in stock then make sure that it is no sodium stock.


Ingredients (makes 1 tray of cubes)

500g carrots

1 cup water (or no sodium stock)

0.5tsp of cumin


Trim and peel the carrots

Slice the carrots into 1inch pieces, then place into a pan with the water or stock and bring to the boil

Once boiling, cover, reduce the heat and allow to simmer for 20minutes or until soft

Drain and then puree with 1cup of boiled water






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